We are not yet accepting volunteer applications for 2020. Please check back early next year, or call Cristina Reyes at 801-229-7120 for more information.









The Orem Public Library loves volunteers! In fact, we could not possibly maintain our collection or provide the hundreds of quality programs each year without help from volunteers like you. If you would like to be considered to volunteer on a regular basis, please visit any of our reference or circulation desks and ask for a volunteer application or you can print them here:

Adult ages 18 and up
Adult Volunteer Application Packet April 2019

Youth ages 14-17
Minor Volunteer Application April 2019

Completed applications should be returned to the circulation desk, with the exception of the city background check page for adults. This page contains specific directions about what to do and where to take that page of the application. Please follow the directions. The circulation desk, where you may turn in the other pages, is on your right as you enter the main library entrance from the parking lot. Children’s applications need to be signed by a parent/legal guardian, who must show I.D. at the time the application is turned in at the circulation desk. You will be contacted once your application is approved.

For more information or questions, please call or email Christie Nuttall at 801-229-7120 or canuttall@orem.org.