Community Programs and Performances

Do you have a good idea for a library program?

Orem Library Program Application

Thank you for your interest in sharing with the Orem community. The Orem Public Library’s mission is to bring people and information of all kinds together, and programs, including those from the public, represent one of the tools we use to fulfill this mission.

Due to limitations on staff time and space, the library cannot host every proposed program. Applications will be considered keeping in mind scheduled library programs and events, staff schedules, as well as how well the proposed program or performance fits with the library’s program philosophy.

Your application will be considered by the members of the library outreach staff and you will be notified of its decision. If your program proposal is accepted, the library will publicize your event with newsletter and online posts, as well as posters. Library staff will set up, host and provide support for your program.

Thank you again for your desire to share with our community!

Please fill out the following application and return it as soon as possible to Lori Stevens at​ , or call 801-229-7385 with any questions.

Orem Public Library Program Application

Orem Library Program Philosophy

Orem Public Library’s programs will:

  • be free of charge and open to the public. This includes all events, programs or concerts;
  • reflect the library’s commitment to bring library patrons together with the best information and
    cultural experiences, including quality, taste and originality of thought;
  • provide a showcase for original, quality thought, including performances, research, and creative
  • take advantage of the best talent and intellect in our community;
  • consider issues and ideas that widen our world view.

Other Considerations

  • There will be a $10 fee for use of the library piano.
  • Studio recitals, private events, book sales or parties are prohibited.
  • Sales and sales pitches are prohibited.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the library.
  • Size restrictions may apply. The library’s facilities can comfortably accommodate up to one hundred visitors.
  • The library closes at 9:00 PM on weeknights, and 6:00 PM on Saturday nights. Your program must be concluded at least 30 minutes before closing.